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Pina Broccoli Anaia shares her food and drink experiences through her blog, One Two Culinary Stew . Pina is our guest blogger this week and writes about Grub Club Cambridge from a foodie perspective.


I am pleased to see how Grub Club Cambridge has been growing organically since its inception. Even though it is primarily a networking club for professionals in the industry, Grub Club Cambridge is open to a variety of people passionate about good food and drink, and that includes foodies.


I am one of those people. My blog One Two Culinary Stew  is an extension of my foodie interests, a place where I can share my experiences and support independent producers and businesses. So what do foodies get out of Grub Club Cambridge?


Fabulous events and locations:

Grub Club Cambridge has a knack for finding places foodies may not necessarily know about or have on their list of must-visits. The events are irresistible too, featuring delectable menus and products. It’s an evening of good food and good conversation.



It’s always a privilege to meet producers who put their heart and soul into their business. Networking is the perfect opportunity for foodies to learn about delicious new products. Food fairs and festivals are one way but Grub Club Cambridge events are a more relaxed and social way to interact with the producers.




The best part about Grub Club Cambridge is that it is truly reciprocal. It’s a win-win situation for both sides: the business and the foodie. Whilst foodies get to make new discoveries in fantastic places, the businesses are offered a different outlet for getting the word out on their products. So what do producers get out of liaising with foodies?


Word of mouth:

Foodies live and breathe good food and drink. We are constantly sharing our experiences. Foodies can talk at length about food, drinks, producers, restaurants and shops to other foodies. Seriously, we never get bored. It feels like an inside scoop when another foodie tells us about a delicious find. I have discovered so many great products and places through Grub Club Cambridge and raved about them to others.



Foodies are consumers. We can provide insight to taste, branding, marketing as well as recommend shops for stocking products. I’m always pleased when producers value my opinion and ask me what I think. That’s part of their marketing research right there.


There’s no doubt that Grub Club Cambridge is centred on business. However, when that business involves food and drink, it appeals to a wide audience. As a foodie, I never feel as though I’m attending a tedious focus group. Grub Club Cambridge events are fun, vibrant and resourceful, much like Kelly and Vhari themselves!


Remember to pop on over to Pina’s blog – One Two Culinary Stew. You can read her posts on Grub Club Cambridge’s events at Fitzbillies and The Larder at Burwash Manor.  You can also access her Media  page to listen to her interview with us for Flavour on Cambridge 105 radio.