A Summer Evening at the Pinkster Distillery


We partied with amazing results……

Last weeks was a wonderful celebration of food, drink and sunshine. We enjoyed a warm summer evening sharing food news, stories and advice over a delicious Pinkster gin and tonic!

When we started Grub Club Cambridge nearly 5 years ago, we had the version that we would create a group that shared and collaborated in the food industry. It was wonderful to pause for a minute and watch this in progress on Thursday.

The event was the launch bed for three new businesses and it was great to see those business winning new enquiries, commissions and sales. Great things really do happen over great food and drink. The evening was a wonderful showcase for Pinkster, Manfood, Chilli Inc, No 88, Becky Slowe Art, Bread and Meat, Bohemia Roast all showcasing there produce and products.



It was a perfect summer evening, with a fly-past from the Spitfire from nearby Duxford, the perfect setting to enjoy an alfresco dining experience in the courtyard of the Pinkster Distillery. The food was a delicious array of meat, bread and salads from Bread and Meat, not forgetting the famous Pinkster Boozy Berry Brownie, they are awesome!


It was great to hear from Stephen’s journey and learn more about the Pinkster story, from an idea to commercial success. Watch this space it is going to be an exciting brand to watch.

It was also great to hear the export advice from David at Pretium and how to ensure you are ready for your overseas markets. The biggest take away from this for many was understanding export payment terms as many retailers pay on landed stock and then add 90 – 120 payment terms. So thoroughly look into your markets as part of your export plan.


We are already looking forward to our next event, we hope you can join us in September to celebrate our 5th birthday and British Food Fortnight Alex Rushmer’s new restaurant Vanderlyle.