Book Review – Moonshine Mixology

Moonshine Mixology by Cory Straub is an essential guide on how to mix drinks with America’s most notorious liquor – moonshine (also known as hooch, mountain dew and white lightening.) Listing everything from the equipment you need to make the drinks, step by step on how to make the base moonshine and flavour combinations – this book really does have it all when it comes to the infamous liquor!

Quality of the recipes

Once you have the base moonshine perfected, you can play around with multiple flavour combinations such as almond, maple and lemon to create a smooth and tasty drink. There are plenty of cocktails to choose from as well – this is where the recipes get really interesting! Along the way you’ll find valuable tips on storing, packaging and how to serve your drinks; plus fun facts and witty quotes to keep you entertained.

Daiquiri Shine

 This fruity cocktail is made using pineapple juice, lime, syrup and moonshine – perfect for the summer months with it’s fun and refreshing flavour.


As you can imagine with a book purely informing the reader on cocktail recipes, flavours and party ideas, the photography is fun, bright and certainly inviting. There’s a running theme of attractive glasses and jars throughout which really ties the book together, as well as the fun stripy straws that pop up in every other photo.


Moonshine Mixology

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