Book Review – Salad Days

Salad Days from Amy Pennington is a beautifully presented cookbook, full of 75 simple and satisfying recipes for greens, grains, proteins and more. With healthy, vibrant greens at the base of each recipe, you can add seasonal flavours to create your perfect salad bowl. Ideal for that post Christmas health kick.

The contents are split into easy to navigate sections such as grain bowls, winter salads, noodle salads etc. This makes it especially easy to understand the recipes and find exactly what you’re looking for.


Quality of the recipes

There’s so much on offer in this cookbook, with 10 different chapters covering proteins, grains and fruit it isn’t all about the humble ‘rabbit food’ salad! As you can imagine most recipes are full of healthy ingredients, but the addition of herbs, spices and flavoured oils elevate the recipes to another level.


Quinoa Bowl

This recipe can be found in the Chapter 2: Grain Bowls. With curried cauliflower, pickled raisins and a beet-tahini dressing it has the perfect savoury/sweet balance. A rainbow of colour is a must for any salad bowl in order to get a variety of nutrients – this recipe definitely offers that! The bright pink dressing contrasts perfectly again the quinoa and curried cauliflower. This is also the type of recipe you can make extra quantities of and have for lunch the next day – multipurpose meals are something I really look out for in a cookbook.



Bright, mouth-watering photos are plentiful in this cookbook but the styling does de-tract away from the recipes slightly. Food styling comes in the form of patterned plates, striped tea towels and colourful backgrounds, which unfortunately doesn’t unify the recipes. I would have stuck to fewer styling varieties and focused more on the beautiful salads.



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