Book Review – Sugar Detox Me

With 100+ recipes in Sugar Detox Me, there are plenty of delicious looking and tasting recipes to try. This book states it will ‘curb cravings and take back your health’ and with the addition of a 10-step detox plan you have all you need to lead a sugar free lifestyle.

Written by Summer Raynes Oakes, she has created not only an easy to follow cookbook full of delicious sugar free recipes, but also provides information about how your mind and body are affected by sugar and why you should give it up.

Why Detox from Sugar?

In this chapter, Summer explains about her experience with sugar and why she went on a Nancy Drew-like investigation to find out why she craved it so much.  Sugar’s sweetness has the power to change your brain – the more you eat it, the more you crave it. Unlike previous generations who had very physical and active jobs, society nowadays are spending 70% more time sitting down so the increase in our sugar intake is not helping us in the slightest.

Quality of the recipes

This cookbook has such a variety of recipes on offer – everything from breakfast, soups and snacks made with plenty of fresh, seasonal ingredients that aren’t hard to find in supermarkets. Sugar Detox Me not only has delicious, easy to follow recipes but also has top tips like ‘how to boil an egg’, adding another element to the recipes.

Egg, Kale and Chorizo Scramble

This recipe offers a slightly more luxurious version than your typical scrambled eggs and is packed with proteins and fats to keep you going from brunch to dinner. With only 4 ingredients plus oil and seasoning this recipe is very simple to make and delivers massively on taste.


Earthy colours and wooden backdrops really tie the photography together in this book – as well as the use of rustic plates and bowls. Although each photo has an element of freshness and oozes health, there’s also an aspect of cosiness from the soups, warm salads and Quinoa bowls making it a great seasonal cookbook.


Reviewed by Sophie from