Breckland Orchard


Claire Martinsen, founder and owner of Breckland Orchard tells us all about her delicious Posh Pop!

What delicious foodie treats do you supply?

We make a range of soft drinks – otherwise known as Posh Pop! There are 12 in the range and include flavours such as Ginger Beer with Chilli, Cream Soda and Strawberry & Rhubarb as well as three no-added-sugar varieties which we launched earlier this year. We also have a range of cordials called Posh Squash……[well they just had to be called that!]


Why have you enjoyed attending Grub Club Cambridge?

It can be hard to go to networking events when you are a ‘product’ company.  Sometimes it can feel like you’re being sold to by everyone in the room, and that can make for an uncomfortable experience.

It’s genuinely been both lovely and refreshing to go to Grub Club Cambridge events, which have a laid back atmosphere and where everyone shares a love of the food industry.  To enjoy lovely food, whilst sitting with peers and having lively conversations is a joy.  I remember an event at Fitzbillies where the conversation over dinner ranged from the future of food festivals in the UK, to Scandinavian cooking, to the benefits of brining and pickling…………..I defy another networking group to have a free flow passionate debate about those subjects!.

What has been the most rewarding benefit of attending?

I’ve met some really good connections amongst local food companies – and have been able to swap ideas and recommendations.  I’ve become very good friends with a couple of producers as a result.  Meeting someone for an hour or two makes for a much stronger bond than just a fleeting handshake at a breakfast meeting.

I’ve found a great new supplier, who I just happened to be sitting next to at one event, and it was nice to get to know them in that kind of setting before working together on a project.

I can also think of three or four occasions where I’ve been able to connect people together in the industry as a result of attending Grub Club.  Ours is a small industry and it’s nice to think that Grub Club facilitates the opportunity to help each other out.

Why would recommend attending a Grub Club Cambridge event? 

I’d recommend Grub Club for anyone who has a passion for the Food and Drink Industry and is looking for a forum to learn more about the sector and connect with people who are in a similar position.  Its not the event for you if you want to grab loads of business cards or do a hard sell. Come and join a event – I’m sure you’ll love it!

Claire Martinsen, founder and owner of Breckland Orchard

You can buy your Posh Pop here!