Christmas Leftover Ideas

For us it’s one of the best bits of Christmas – Christmas leftovers are delicious, and with these ingredients, they can get even better.

Hari Ghotra

Having created the number one Indian recipe site in the UK, Hari has created a range of spice kits to make, making a delicious curry easy. Hari’s site is a must for creating delicious dishes with left overs.


Foraging Fox

Foraging Fox have created a wonderful array of beetroot ketchups and they are just perfect with leftovers or with breakfast, be sure to check them out.



Yaus – a delicious range of Chinese inspired cooking sauces perfect for adding to left over turkey to share with your family friends. A personal favorite of ours is the nut free, gluten free satay sauce.



Dhanyia- Have created a wonderful range of curry pastes which enable you to take leftovers to the next level.



Manfood is a real must, their range of piccalilli and chutneys will take any plate of leftovers to the next level.


The Sauce Shop

We are loving the sauces created by the Sauce Shop and would suggest you won’t go far wrong with adding them to your leftovers, in particular try South Carolina BBQ sauce.