First Event of 2018 – Fabulous Fitzbillies

Mar 2018

Fitzbillies, Cambridge. Listed Art Nouveau exterior

We are welcoming in 2018 with an evening at the fabulous Fitzbillies, Trumpington Street, Cambridge.


Chicken liver parfait with Chelsea Bun crispbread and red onion marmalade
Veggie option – Mushroom duxelle with Chelsea Bun crispbread and red onion marmalade
(Either option can be made gluten free by substituting the Chelsea Bun crisps with gluten-free bread, which would also make the veggie option suitable for vegans)
Braised blade of beef bourguignon
Veggie option – Roast cauliflower with butternut squash, lightly pickled carrot and goat’s cheese
Both served with pommes Anna and charred broccoli
(Both dishes are gluten-free.  The veggie option can be prepared without cheese to be suitable for vegans)
Followed by:
Selection of cakes / tea and coffee



Event sponsor for the evening will be Victor Sacks from VS Associates Ltd

Victor is an independent financial adviser, who has specialised in giving financial advice to micro, start-up and self-employed businesses for 25 years. He spent 17 years with HSBC, where he learnt about diary management, punctuality and most important of all, delivery of service. He also spent time advising large corporates/local authorities as well as new businesses, so he feels equally as comfortable in a bored room…..sorry boardroom, as he does on an upturned milk crate in a makeshift office.


‘The most important thing I learnt and dare I say it, what makes me unique, is I strip out jargon and make things easy and simple to understand because running a business is hard enough.’


Fun Food Fact:  To my shame, I’ve eaten a Big Mac in one….