It’s a sparkling time of year

Saffron Grange Pinot Noir

Since our last in-person event at which we enjoyed a delicious welcome drink from Saffron Grange, they have grown from strength to strength. 

Saffron Grange

Saffron Grange

Vhari recently ticked an item off her bucket list which was to bring in the grape harvest, thanks to the team at Saffron Grange. They had a great harvest this year, bringing in the harvest is later than previous years. We can confirm that they managed to bring in a record-breaking 25-tonne crop of premium quality grapes in their largest harvest yet!

The day of picking was great fun and saw 16 volunteers armed with gloves, snippers, and smiles on their faces head out to the vineyard to get picking. It was a glorious day of clear blue skies and sunshine. It was a wonderful opportunity to natter with your picking buddy and just be at one with nature and listen to the woodpeckers, see the butterflies and bugs as you made sure you were picking the best juicy purple grapes. The day started at 8.30 and finished at 3 pm, and was far more fun than going to the gym. 

Saffron Grange - Grape Harvest

Saffron Grange – Grape Harvest

We are also delighted to the news with you that Saffron Grange & Creating Natures Corridors are working on a collaborative project of planting 559 trees at the site just outside Little Walden. The project will see the creation of a new copse next to the winery for visitors to enjoy over the coming years. Those who have visited the site will know how important nature is to the team at the vineyard, so the trees will help future support the biodiversity alongside the wildflowers and vines. 

So if you are looking for something sparkly this Christmas check out the:

  • Blanc de Noirs (2018)
  • Classic Cuvée (2018)
  • Sparkling Rosé (2019)
  • Seyval Blanc Reserve (2018)

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