Join the food waste movement


Too Good To Go: how we can all support and join the food waste movement 

Ever wondered how you could get involved and prevent food waste locally? 

The Too Good To Go App and initiative makes it easy for everyone to get involved. Businesses prevent food from being dumped, consumers get fresh and perfectly good food at a low cost. 

Too Good To Go is…

  • A unique easy-to-use app allowing businesses to sell their surplus food directly to customers
  • Has over 6 million registered users 
  • And over 14,000 food businesses taking action against food waste


TooGoodToGo- Food Waste

The team behind the app explain: 

‘Food businesses simply update the app to show how much surplus food they have to sell. Customers search the app for local stores, purchase the food via the app, then collect it at the time the stores set. Rather than listing individual portions of food, customers get a ‘Magic Bag’ with food that hasn’t sold in time, setting a reduced price that’s fair for both the store and the customer. 

The best part? Every meal saved helps the planet, too.’ 


So far their website states that for every magic bag that is saved from being wasted that 2.5kg of CO2e are saved. That’s the equivalent of charging 320 smartphones. Wow! 

Brands such as Co-Op, Sainsbury’s, M&S, Costa, Pret and many more mainstream retailers have all signed up.  Even Unilever offset the cost of surplus stock, making it also the ideal solution for wholesalers and manufacturers. 

So with the possibility of preventing food from going to waste and getting a ‘magic bag’ with a variety of fresh food on the day of their use by or sell by, we can all make a positive impact by signing up.

Do you have a business with surplus food?

You could be part of the solution

Too Good To Go can help you cut down on food waste – all while finding new customers and winning back sunk costs.