Little Cook Box – Meal Kit Review


If your kids are anything like mine, meal times can be somewhat tricky and usually exhausting. What one child wants, the other child has suddenly just decided to dislike and vice-versa. And I’m also sure that every parent goes through it at some point during the week – the ongoing battle between a nutritious, homemade dinner or simply sticking something from the freezer into the oven.

When asked to sample some of the new meal kits from ‘Little Cook Box’ we jumped at the chance. Little Cook box has just launched a nationwide meal kit subscription box service that has a choice of 12 meal kits aimed at 5 to 11-year-olds. These meal kits are a convenient way to simplify cooking for children, and a way to inject some fun into the process, making mealtimes stress free for kids and parents.

Little Cook Box Delivery

We were all very excited when the delivery arrived, the special insulated box contained 4 beautifully packaged meal kits which the girls couldn’t wait to try. The Little Cook Box meals were an instant hit with both me and the kids as they seemed the solve the majority of our dilemmas – each child could pick which meal they wanted (based on the photo on the front) and all the hard work was taken out of the preparation of a home cooked meal as each section of the tray contained exactly the right amount of each ingredient.  So, after a couple of moments of indecisive back-and-forth swapsies, they finally settled on which dinner they wanted.

The instructions were extremely easy to follow and each of my daughters (aged 6 and 9) had the chance join in and help prepare their own meal.  In fact, they were so keen, we had to divide up each job so everyone got a turn.

Calzone cooking

All the meals were deliciously tasty and the cooking process was thoroughly enjoyable and stress-free. The ingredients were fresh and nutritious and just the right portion size for children, something which is often hard to judge at meal times. I will admit the Calzone was a clear favourite, everyone including myself and their dad had a little try.

 Calzone Pizza

These meal kits ticked all the boxes for my fussy children, we had fun cooking together and they tried some new ingredients along the way. For more information about subscriptions and to check out the menu for your little ones visit Little Cook Box