My Bangladesh Kitchen – Book Review

My Bangladesh Kitchen

My Bangladesh Kitchen from Saira Hamilton brings together 100 classic dishes, regional specialities, celebration foods and street snacks interwoven with anecdotes and guidance on cooking in an authentic Bangladeshi way.

Saria nurtures you through every step of the recipe imparting her knowledge and skills on the reader. The detailed instructions which accompany each dish leaves nothing to chance, helping you appreciate each step in building the depth of flavour in the dish.

I am yet to find a recipe I don’t want to explore. Although to date my favourite is the Chittagong-Style Beef Curry which has superstar status in Bangladesh (and it’s easy to see why). Originally made for large celebrations, this hot and fiery dish is made entirely from ground spices which enrobe the beef and create a beautifully rich and delicious sauce, perfect for mopping up with naan bread!


Chittagong-Style Beef Curry

The book is scattered with stunning images of Bangladesh depicting the slow, sleepy pace of life in the rural countryside alongside the thriving waterways and bustling fast growing cities. It’s what makes this book, not only a great recipe book, but also a lovely coffee table read. The recipe photography has a rustic charm with a subtle depth of colour, which is beautifully styled leaving the food as the true star of the show.


King Prawn Curry