Neil Bharadwa – The Cambridge Fruit Company


We interviewed our lovely Grub Clubber Neil Bharadwa, owner of The Cambridge Fruit Company to find out about his business and how Grub Club Cambridge has helped him…

Who are you and what is your business?

My Name is Neil Bharadwa and I’m the owner The Cambridge Fruit Company. We’ve delivered fresh fruit and vegetables to businesses across Cambridge for nearly 10 years. Our primary focus is on keeping staff healthy at work, where workplaces receive regular deliveries of fresh fruit. Employees eat our fruit in place of unhealthy biscuits and buns etc. We then send the bosses the bill. It just ticks so many boxes for everybody involved.

What delicious foodie treats do you supply?

Our boxes consist of ‘core’ items (excuse the pun) such as Apples, Pears, Bananas and Satsumas. The interesting bit is the seasonal fruit which change regularly. So currently we’re adding things like figs, blackberries and raspberries. Early next year we’ll be adding things like lychees which are always very popular.

Why have you enjoyed attending Grub Club Cambridge?

Its simply down to meeting the most wonderful people. Also people with a similar business history to myself: bored of the rat-race/working for others and instead working for themselves. Being passionate about food is the big bonus.

What has been the most rewarding benefit of attending?

Getting to know the organisers, Vhari and Kelly. Not only are they super-lovely but they’re both really well connected across the industry.

Why would you recommend attending a Grub Club Cambridge event?

If you’re a newcomer to The Grub Club or networking in general, and you’re hesitant or anxious, don’t be! Its relaxed and informal which for me, is the key to a great networking event. You can literally approach anyone and just introduce yourself. You’ll be made to feel comfortable within moments.

A massive thank you to Neil Bharadwa, owner of The Cambridge Fruit Company – please do check out his website and why not pop along to the next event and meet him for yourself?