Networking why?


I am often asked why I started Grub Club Cambridge and the answer is simple. I was feed up of going to networking events that were full of life coaches and accountants (nothing against either of them). I wanted to go to networking events that served wonderful food and were specifically focused on the food industry. Having worked in the food industry for a number of years I felt that there was a gap in the market for our events.

Grub Club Cambridge was the brain child of both Kelly Molson and me (Vhari). We were introduced through a great friend Ed Goodman who said you two should meet as you will get on like a house on fire! I think it’s safe to say that is an understatement. Kelly and I are great friends as enjoyed running Grub Club Cambridge for 3 years together. 

We on average get 40% new attendees at every event, it’s a wonderful balance as new attendees and regular grub clubbers. Over the years we have been overwhelmed to have won a plethora of awards for networking group of the year, both regionally and nationally. 

Grub Club Cambridge was created to make great things happen over great food and drink, and that’s what happens. Over the 4 years we have been running the club we have hosted hundreds of guests, made hundreds of new connections. The wonderful thing about networking is that the connecting goes on long after the dinner. Many producers have gained new listings through chatting about their products over the meal. 

Like all good events our events evolve, this year we have a showcase for the dinks producer. This enables a drinks brand to share their product as the welcome drink and chat to the guests about the product. We have also secured a Stella line up of guest speakers sharing knowledge, advice and tips with those who are at the event. 

The best thing about running Grub Club Cambridge is the emails, tweets, Insta stories post the events, of thanks and what a great evening they have had. We are delighted to hear what connections have been made and what business has been done.