October’s Five Foodie Must Haves

Cambridge Cheese Company

This is October’s five foodie must-haves, brought to you by Velvet magazine

Eat It


Nomadough. PHOTO CREDIT Daisy Dickinson @daisyduke

She’s a baker raised on a Saffron Walden farm and he’s a lifelong nomad who’s travelled the world: together, Libby Whitfield and Alex Rancic are the founders of Nomadough, the newest food van to hit our region’s streets. Specialising in freshly baked flat wraps and focaccia sandwiches – all made using Libby’s much-loved three-year-old sourdough starter, nicknamed Jenny – Nomadough launched just last month and can be found at sites across Cambridge (notably at foodPark) and Walden (Off the Beaten Truck).

See nomadough.co.uk and follow @nomadough

Photo credit : @daisyduke


Shop It

Flourish Produce

Flourish Produce : PHOTO CREDIT Monica R Goya

Famously ploughing her first furrows with the help of heavy horses Bill and Ben, Flourish Produce founder Calixta Killander is known both for her planet-friendly practices and the unrivalled quality of her homegrown fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers – all of which you’ll be able to stow in your own shopping basket as of this month.

With its produce previously sold solely to chefs in some of the county and country’s top kitchens – including Restaurant Twenty Two and Garden House in Cambridge and Brat, Manteca and Clove Club in London – Flourish’s 56-acre Hildersham site is poised to open its own farm shop.

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Photo credit : Monica R Goya


Book It

Lilian Hiw - Cookery Classes

Lilian Hiw – Cookery Classes

A chance to master the art of Asian street food, from Thai chicken skewers and coconut peanut dip to Hong Kong crisp fried wontons, award-winning Singaporean chef Lilian Hiw is running a half-day cookery class in her Bury St Edmunds kitchen on October 18.

Taking place 10am to 1.30pm, the session will begin with a freshly shaken Tropical Paradise welcome mocktail, cover knife and cutting skills as well as the recipes, and conclude with the opportunity to sample all the dishes.

Visit lilianskitchen.co.uk for more information and to book


Pair It

Cambridge Cheese Company

Cambridge Cheese Company

When it comes to food pairings, few double-acts are more delicious than apples and cheese. Have your doubts? Head for Cambridge Cheese Company’s stall at the city’s Botanic Garden this Apple Day, October 23, and be prepared to eat your words (and your own bodyweight in apple and cheese, obvs).

The secret is to balance sweet and savoury flavours, says Camilla Marshall-Lovesy, manager of the independent cheese shop which stocks some 200 skillfully selected varieties on rotation – a number of which are sourced monthly from the hallowed Rungis market in Paris.

“It’s wonderful how both foods have so many different flavours and textures; we’ve had a real journey to find the best match.”

See botanic.cam.ac.uk and cambridgecheese.com

 Treat It

Popcorn Shed

Popcorn Shed

Got a soft spot for popcorn? Popcorn Shed – the great British gourmet corn brand which started life in the founders’ garden shed, hence the name – has just added a magnificent seven new flavours to its range: Red Velvet, White Chocolate, Pink Gin, Chocolate Orange, Maple Bacon, Gingerbread and Toasted Marshmallow.

While many popcorn manufacturers apply spray-on and powder coatings via industrial process, the Shed team tumble their air-popped corn in fresh, all-natural ingredients by batch, cooling and bagging it at super-speed to ensure it retains that all-important crunch. No additives or preservatives are used (which means you need to eat your corn within three months; no hardship, as it’s moreish as hell).

Available at popcornshed.com and Amazon



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