Provenance Kitchen Launch Event


We were delighted to attend the launch of the Provenance Kitchen at the 3 horse shoes at Madingley on Friday. Not only was it a perfect summer’s day, but the menu had our mouths watering before we arrived. It is always great to hear about a new addition on the Cambridge food scene.

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Provenance Kitchen has been created by the team behind the highly regarded eatery The Three Horseshoes. Provenance Kitchen brings together restaurant quality food with the convenience of fast service from their beautiful retro Airstream trailer wood-fired kitchen.

The food served was not only beautiful, but delicious; as the food was served a rush went over the 60 invited guest as they were tasting the delicious treats on offer. As each parcel of food was delivered not only were our tummies getting fuller but our eyes were treated to a delicious feast too.

The Provenance Kitchen menu is split into sections which all pay homage to the sourcing of the ingredients used: choose from enticing food options ‘from the land’, ‘from the sea’, ‘from the farm’ and ‘from the dairy’. The menu offers seasonal delights such as Wood fired Ely Courgettes with bulgar wheat, mint, chilli, yoghurt, spiced pumpkin seeds served on flatbread, The from the farm was a huge hit on Friday this was Low and slow Hereford beef brisket with wood fired potatoes, oyster mayonnaise, chickweed capers and Confit  Loomswood farm duck  with red onion jam, Cashel blue cheese, watercress in brioche bun.

The Provenance Kitchen doesn’t just do food well they have a wonderful selection of homemade sodas such as the refreshing ‘elderflower mint lemonade’ or ‘strawberry cream soda’ or ‘strawberry, rhubarb cream gin fizz’.

They will be available to revolutionise lunchtimes at offices across the county as well as at private functions and will be at the Larder at Burwash on the 11th of July, so why not head over and enjoy delicious food and drink.