Sedgwick’s Charcuterie & Grub Club Cambridge



Our lovely Grub Clubber Annabel Sedgwick of Sedgwick’s Charcuterie writes about her experience of Grub Club Cambridge and how it’s helping her business.

“Starting up our new food business, Sedgwick’s Charcuterie has been a huge challenge and Grub Club Cambridge has been a great place to meet other people in the industry and share ideas:

we’ve met the folk at Burwash Manor who are now supplying us with their organic rare breed pigs which we’re then making into Charcuterie for their deli, the Larder; we’ve also found out about the food scene going on in Cambridge and are delighted to be involved in EAT Cambridge which will hopefully open up the Cambridge market to us.

We’ve recently joined ‘A Taste of Anglia’, another network which will help to promote our business and have a heavily subsidised stand at their food festival as a result. We’ve also met other producers who are interested in using our Charcuterie as ingredients in their products as well as other potential stockists, food photographers, specialist food marketers, etc. We’ve even been on the radio, an amazing opportunity to talk about our business that certainly wouldn’t have arisen had it not been for our involvement in the Grub Club. 

It’s always a fun, social evening with an ever-changing group of people and as much as anything else, they’re a discerning bunch with good palettes who have given us some superb feedback on our own products!”

Annabel Sedgwick

Thank you so much Annabel, we’re so happy to see all these wonderful things happening for you!